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Where Fandoms Collide


Crossovers on Crack
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Welcome to ed_vs_angel.

This is koryos and kalaidascopeeye's little haven for any unlikely crossovers. Anyone is free to join as long as you are polite, submit an application, and prove the crackiness of your crossover(s).

If you don't know what a crossover is, per chance, it is a crossing of two fandoms, i.e. a television show, movie, book, etc., put together via fanfiction.


Your first post must be an application, and you cannot post until you have been accepted. You are only accepted if all the admin vote yes.

There will be no slandering, no matter how ridiculous a person's story is. Positive feedback is acceptable, but not required, as our theme is crack, and therefore nutty.

Tolerence is mandatory. If some stories contain something you find offensive (slash, yoai, religion etc.), then you may email the admin about it, but otherwise you will just have to accept it.

Please keep the stories no higher than the PG-13 level. We trust your judgement on this. If you want, you can provide a link to the explicit, but do not post it here.

Application: (copy and paste, then fill out)




What crossovers you'd make:

Slash/yoai or het? (or both)

If you could meet any charactor in real life, who would you meet and why?

Describe your methood of crossing fandoms: (dimensional portals or random appearances?)