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Ed versus Angel 4 - Where Fandoms Collide [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Crossovers on Crack

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Ed versus Angel 4 [Apr. 19th, 2005|05:34 pm]
Crossovers on Crack


I really meant to get a lot of this stuff up a few days ago, but... Well' we've already established what a lazyarse I am. Ehehe. But here it 'tis- with more coming very soon.

Crossover: Fullmetal Alchemist/Angel
Genre: Crack/Fluff
Rating: PG-13 (See if you can find the one thing that made the rating go up :P)
Warnings: Yoai/Slash, Minor Language, squicky thing, suggested sleeping around

Ed vs Angel: Chapter Four


Spike: Looking for me?

All: *GASP*

Ed: WTF?!


Angel: Spike?! What the hell are you doing here?!

Spike: Well, peaches, I can’t just let the man I love be engaged to this small chap over here.

Ed: Excuse me? EXCUSE ME? SMALL?

Roy: Fullmetal isn’t short…


Roy: He’s vertically challenged.

Spike: *laughs*

Roy: *SMIRK*

Ed: Bastard…

Angel: *girly little giggle*

Wes: *eye twitches*

Voice: Heheheheheheheheheh…

Angel: Could that be…?

Buffy: Yesssssssss…

Angel: *screams*

Angel: *faints*


Ed: Wait, I know that maniacal laugh…

Spike: Well, who is it then?

NOTBuffy: Hehehehehe… *fshoomp*

Roy: Oh, it’s you.

Spike: Who’s that bitch?

Envy: DON’T call me bitch. *eye twitch*

Spike: I can call you whatever the hell I wanna call you, you big ninny!

Envy: Ninny? NINNY?

Envy: That’s a funny word.

Spike: What’re you laughing at?! *growls, then vamps out*

Envy: Oooh! What else can you do?

Spike: @#&*!#^&))$!%^(!!!

Ed: We’re surrounded by idiots…

Angel: *still fainted*

Roy: I haven’t had a line in a long time.

Angel: I LIVE!!!

Everybody: *stares*

Ed: You do?

Angel: No, I don’t actually.

Envy: Really? Neither do I!

Spike: Me too!

Envy: We should sooo get together.

Angel: Ooh, like a Tupperware party!

Mortals: . . .

Spike: Okay woman, you threw like 20 of those last year!

Angel: *pouts*

Envy: I know!

S&A: What?

Envy: We could go on a massive homicidal rampage to obliterate the human species! AND THEN BLOW UP THE EARTH!!! GYAHAHAHAHQHAHAHAHAAA!!

All: . . .

Envy: Or we could just throw a party.

Angel: Sure…

Spike: Gotta go with the second one there.

Roy: A party?

Wes: Can we come?

Ed: Will there be food?

Angel: Pssh, why would we invite you?

Envy: VIP, dead only!

Wes: I hate it when I’m not invited.

Roy: Hmph.

Wes: *sulks*

Roy: *goes to burn something*

Ed: No food?

Spike: C’mon fellas, let’s blow this popsicle stand.

Envy: Word. *turns into Don King*

The undead leave.

The mortals sulk.

Wes: Seriously, I’m never invited to hip, cool parties! I just sit at home with my tea. *sigh*

Roy: I’m invited to lots of parties, since I’m xHOTTx. So I can’t really sympathise.

Ed: It’s past my bedtime. *zzz*

Wes: That was…

Roy: Watch this.

Wes: *stares*

Roy: *cough* It’s too bad Fullmetal is so short-


Roy: -on cash.

Roy: *bastard smirk*™

Wes: *giggles insanely*

1: At the UN-lively party…

2: Corny jokes drive me wild!

1: I crack myself up.

Envy: Hey Vamp Willow, so glad you could come!

VWillow: It was my pleasure.

Greed: Hey, I want you.

VWillow: *sexy meooooooooooow growl*

Lust: I feel so used here.

Drusilla: *sings random things as she comes in*

Greed: I want you too.

Spike: Hey! She’s mine!

Lust: I thought you were gay?

Spike: Ever heard the term ‘bisexual’, mate?

Dru: Come now boys, there’s plenty of me for you to have. Pretty little maids, all in a row…

Dru: *keeps doing that spinning-head thing of hers*

Wrath: *nervous-looking* . . . *walks in*

Angel: *to Wrath, enthusiastically* So is this a great party or what??

Wrath: . . . *suddenly bares rabid cinchuahua teeth* GRR.

Angel: Well, wanna see what I can do?

Angel: *vamps out*

Angel: *grins*

Wrath: . . . Are you my mommy?

Angel: *gasp* Is that you, shnook-ums?!

1: WHAAAT? MPREG?! Holy effin sheep!!

Wrath: MOMMY! *jumps into Angel’s arms*

Angel: (Oh shit, who’s the father?!)

Angel: *still thinking* (Well, at the new years eve party, I had a few rounds with Spike, but I don't think it's him... then there was that quickie I had with Gunn...Could it be Lorne? Nah. How about Lindsey?? Nope, he wasn't there that night. Well it could be lots a people. who else was there that night? Um, Seth was there, oh and he brought Ryan, but I think I was with Zach instead. Frodo was eyeing me, but I didn't want to ruin him and Sam. Was it Gimli??? Ooh!! There was someone I was with at 12:01, um, I think it was Severus, no maybe it was Sirius, nah, it was Aragorn... but then he kinda died right when we started...I KNOW!!!! It was...!)

Xander: Hello, Angel-cakes.

Envy: Hey! How’d you get in?

2: Back with the losers *cough* I mean, mortals…

1: -_-

2: I’m not insensitive really…

1: You know you’re insulting yourself…

2: Grr…

Wes: Well, you’re certainly no small matter. *bursts out laughing*

Ed: Grrrr…

Roy: I know you like to keep your standards low.

Ed: GRR! *clenches fists*

Wes: But that’s not to say you come up short in the brains’ department!

Ed: *twitches uncontrollably*

Roy: We don’t think little of you…

Ed: *attacks* GRRRARG!!

Wes: Don’t worry, you’re a JUMBO SHRIMP!!


Ed: *babbles insanely*

Roy: My neck hurts from looking down so much…

Ed: *sobs*

Wes: I know I’m somebody you really look up to, ya know.

Ed: *insane look* I love you all…

Wes: AHHH!!

Roy: I think we went a little too far there…

TO BE CONTINUED (in the fith chapter)

1: Well, that was a hoot. Will Xander and Angel be good parents? Who is this 'Moofy' person? Will Ed regain his sanity? Will Envy ever stop looking like a woman?! WHEN WILL THE SQUIRRELS EAT OUR SPLEENS??!!