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Ed versus Angel 5 - Where Fandoms Collide [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Ed versus Angel 5 [Apr. 19th, 2005|06:03 pm]
Crossovers on Crack


And, here is chapter five. Hallelujah!

Crossover: Fullmetal Alchemist/Angel
Genre: Crack/Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Yoai/Slash, illigetimate love children, mutants, resurrections, the word 'crap'

Ed vs Angel CHAPTER 5

Angel: *faints*

Envy: Dude, if you aren’t dead, you can’t come in!

Xander: Well hello, nasty!

Wrath: D- daddy?!

Xander: Hi dear, where’s your mother?

Wrath: Umm, down there, I think. *points*

Angel: *still fainted*

Xander: *kicks Angel* Wake up, you moron!

Angel: *screams*

Spike: *swaggers toward them, drunk like a skunk*

Spike: Hey peaches, what’re you doing down there?

Envy: *sulking*

2: I wanna scene change.

1: Ok.

Roy: *dragging unconscious Ed* Let’s find a place to spend the night.

Wes: Yes, lets.

Ed: *mutters* Angel inna dress scary…. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Roy and Wesley nod their heads knowingly.

The group arrives at a dinky hotel…


Roy: Dear god…

Horatio: *foams at the mouth*

Ed: *wakes up* Winry? Is that you?

Wes: No, don’t look-

Ed: AAAAH!! My eyes! MY EYES!!

Ed: *scarred for life*

Horatio dumbly begins to move towards them in a Frankenstein manner.

(Canon season 5 Angel: I am NOT a Frankenstein!)

Roy: I think we better find another hotel…

Wes: Yes, we should.

Ed: *strangled breathing*

Wes: And maybe look for a hospital for this one…

Suddenly, a bomb goes off in the dead party, sending Angel, Envy, Wrath, and Spike flying to wherever the others are.

Angel: Wait, this place looks all too familiar…

Suddenly (many things happen suddenly around here) the ground begins to shake, even though they are floating in a ship. Because that’s where they are, in a ship! Go with it!

A crack appears in the ground, and out rises…

Doyle: I LIVE!!

Angel: OMG!

Everyone else: ???

Angel: Oh my god, DOYLE!! Man, what happened?

Doyle: Well, as it turns out, there was this little secret passageway that led me to the real world…

Doyle: So then I just waited for you to show up…

Doyle: What took you so long?!

Angel: Well come here, little buddy!

Doyle is scared senseless as Angel chokes him in a hug.

Angel: *excitedly* Okay, I want you to meet Wesley! Now, we didn’t want to replace you or anything, but look at this guy! Is he amazing or what? And this guy, Ed, he’s so adorable!! And you remember Spike…

Doyle: *backs away slowly*

Ed: (in the background) WTF?! Adorable?!

Doyle: Okay man, you don’t have to get so chipper…

Doyle: When did you ever get chipper?

Ed: Wasn’t he always like this?

Spike: I’ve always thought so.

Angel: *big girly grin*

Doyle: *after moments of thought* OH!!

Doyle: *runs like hell*

Angel: NOOO!!

Envy: What was he so upset about?

Roy: Once again, I have very few lines…

Wes: Here here.

Wrath: *clings to Angel*

Xander: *takes Wrath* Come on, big guy. Let’s try to sneak away before Mommy sees us…

Angel: *begins to freak out* Hey! Where do you think you’re going with my son!

Somewhere, Conner pouts.

Ed: What?! Moofy’s here?! Holy crap, I just realized that!!

Envy: Smart little thing, aren’t you?

Ed: !#@%#&@%*!!

Xander: Come on, Wrathy-poo, lets get outta here…

Wrath: …but I never got to stab anyone…

Xander: *hands him a stake* See that guy with the huge forehead? Go for the heart…

Roy: *checking a pocket calendar* Holy crap. Today’s the thirteenth.

Wes: That means…



Ed: Wait, why is that bad?

1: Naïve fool.

Spike: You git, are you bloody stupid? Tommorow is VALENTINE’S DAY!!

1: We apologize for this unsubtle insertion for the special.

2: *cough* Riiiiight…

So it ends... Will Moofy stab his mommy? Will Ed EVER reach puberty? What horrors await our bishies on V-day? DID HORATIO JOIN THE SQUIRRELS?!